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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Be Faithful

I'm not a big fan of contemporary Christian music. In fact, there are a few bands I like and then... well that's it.
Sanctus Real makes my list though, I like that they found their voice and their style in writing songs that are basically prayers put to music. Take a few minutes to listen to this song before reading the short poem afterward. My hope is that you will be reminded of how great our God is, in that he takes the things that are wrong in the world and uses them to transform us closer and closer into the likeness of Christ.

“Whatever you’re doing inside of me…”

The chorus rings through my mind,
I don’t understand the chaos within.
It's days when the earth feels motionless
Or maybe I’m just blind.

I don’t understand and it’s not that you owe me
I just wish I could visualize what lies ahead
To see what I feel
To feel what I see.
Please. Anything.
But silence instead.

“But I’m giving into something heavenly.”

A reminder constantly my purpose is higher.
My calling so true.
How could I doubt Him? I grow weary and tire.
Because it’s the way things go.
We hold so strongly to the blessings He provides
I tend to forget the blessings themselves will fade so low.

You give and take away,
you train and mold.
You prepare us.
Anoint us.
Carve us.
You care.
As a Father has compassion on his children, so you have compassion on those who fear you.
Our lives are shaped and held by you.
All we need is you,
Your promise will stand true
The world fades but you stand.
For who do we have in Heaven but you, O Lord.

You call, your voice brings peace,
a command, an exhortation,
It’s not much, but it brings release.
You speak, you reach down and whisper
in the midst of my struggle, my storm... 
Just two words:

“Be Faithful.”


Nathan Bryant

is a pastor living in Phoenix, AZ. As a student at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri he majored in Biblical Leadership, New Testament Studies, and Missiology. Nathan has a combined passion for unity and discipleship in the global church.

Christ's Kingdom is bigger than our causes.
Christ's Kingdom is bigger than our boundaries.

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