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Friday, August 29, 2014

You're Wrong!

Dear Christians,

Over the last few days my Twitter feed has been filled with mocking, quick stabs, name-calling, and all in the name of defending orthodoxy.

This past week Christians have had a lot to debate about. Mars Hill Church is reviewing policies regarding Mark Driscoll, Joel and Victoria Osteen have made the headlines once again, and Christians are still being killed in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS... Just to name a few.

In fact there was even a live debate between four influential pastors over Calvinism. We are drawn to these kinds of things. And I think it's time to remember that winning the debate is not what it is about.

I don't know of anyone who was converted because they were publicly embarrassed or shot down with what they believe (or don't believe) about God.

Orthodoxy matters. I'm not saying it doesn't.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Overexposed but Underdeveloped

We live in such a highly emotional society.

Let that statement sink in.

Now I know most guys are thinking, "Are you kidding me? I wasn't allowed to be emotional. I don't want to be emotional. I'm a man."

And girls? Well... you probably understand already. Everything is emotional.
And that isn't a stab. Truly, women are more in touch with the reality around us than guys are most of the time.

The fact is, we are ruled by our emotional experiences.

(Yes, even guys... Passion, anger, happiness is all emotion too.)

This is how we have always worked. Emotions rule over intellect, ability, and development.

In fact emotional stability and intelligence is the number one marker for success, almost double the importance than IQ, education, background, history, or who you know.

Due to how our brain is wired most of our logical decisions in order to process have to send an electrical signal through the part of the brain that controls emotion.

We filter everything through our emotional experience and feelings.