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Inside and Overneath
exists to foster a deeper 
understanding of the love and grace of God through free educational curriculum and devotions. Our deepest desire is for the world to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Redeemer and for that relationship to grow deeper through knowledge of our creator.

We strive to do this in three ways:

Our blog... Where you will find all of our posts ranging from all different kinds of topics. Check it out!

Speaking Engagements... We love to connect with other churches and love to share God's Word in engaging and challenging ways. Click on Contact Us to find out more!

Devotional Booklets... If you are having a retreat or are a dean for a week of camp and want to provide your students/ participants with a daily devotion. We would love to assist you in this way.

Nathan Bryant

began this website as a personal blog in 2011. He is a pastor from Orlando, FL, at River Run Church. As a student at Ozark Christian College he majored in Leadership, New Testament Studies, and Missiology. Nathan also attended the Leadership Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, serving at Christ's Church of the Valley. Nathan has a combined passion for unity and discipleship in the global church. A crazed sports fan, he enjoys watching college football and playing fantasy football. He can throw the pigskin around fairly well too in a backyard pickup game. Nate is unashamedly a Starbucks addict. (Yay Coffee!) When not working he can usually be found in a coffee shop curled up in a corner with a good book.

Christ's Kingdom is bigger than our causes.
Christ's Kingdom is bigger than our boundaries.

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Thomas Montgomery  

resides in Joplin, Missouri where he studies Psychology and Counseling at Ozark Christian College. He enjoys watching football and NASCAR (Go Dale Jr!). His hobbies include hiking, cooking, reading, and talking to people about the person of Jesus Christ. He loves people, evidenced by his service to the Church and those who do not yet know Christ. In his spare time he enjoys growing his beard. (Be jealous.)  Thomas, who was an EMT for some time, wants to counsel firefighters and paramedics in the future.

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Evan Smith

is a Pastor currently living in Dallas, TX. He majored in New Testament Studies at Ozark Christian College. He also studied at CCV's Leadership Institute and served in Phoenix, AZ for over a year.
Born and raised in Texas, he grew up the third-born of 7 kids and loved (almost) every minute of it! He is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Breanna, and has two wonderful kids, Hannah Joy and Peter. More than anything, Evan wants to be a man who is marked by a hunger for God.

The God who came, still comes. The God who spoke, still speaks.”

Justin Dewell 

is currently a student at Ozark Christian College studying New Testament Theology. He works as an assistant in the preaching department and in the library. He serves on staff at College Heights Christian Church for the College Age Ministry, and last summer he interned in Indianapolis at East 91st Street Christian Church. In his free time you can find him running, playing video games, or reading something by Andy Stanley. He wants to plant a church someday and by God's grace watch it grow.

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Occasional Guest Posting by:
Michael Judd                                                        Kirk Curtis
Benjamin Michaels                                               Brian Ceely
Taylor Fohr                                                           Holly Fohr
Benjamin Langevin                                              Marcy Low

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