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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Advent Devo 12/7

This past Sunday we read and meditated on the theme of Peace as we lit the second candle of the Advent wreath. We are reminded that Jesus is the peace of the world offered to us. He provides peace to us, peace that surpasses all understanding, peace that brings us rest.

In Isaiah we read about God's people who are rebelling in many different ways. They are oppressing people, destroying relationships, and just going through the motions with their religious ceremonies.

God wanted their hearts, but they weren't budging.

So God promised judgment in order to grab their attention again.

But even though the nation would fall away there would last a remnant.

Isaiah uses the image of a tree, God's axe is sharpened and ready to hit... When he fells the tree there will only be a stump left.... But... God in His mercy will raise a new shoot from the stump and provide us with a rest and a peace that would continue for all generations.

Today, think on how you can rest in Jesus.

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