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Saturday, November 15, 2014

God is: Here

If you have a few minutes today, below is a wonderful and humbling reminder of the very presence of God.

Our God is omnipresent. Always here. In all places.
And the video that is posted below is my very favorite sermon on the subject from one of my former professors, Michael DeFazio.

I am going to continue posting on large aspects of our theology, doctrines that truly do matter.

If you perhaps do not have a few minutes today, let me give you a quote to think on from this message.

"REMEMBER! But effort alone is probably not enough. We must indeed remember. But in order to remember we must remind ourselves of this truth we believe. Do whatever it takes to regularly remind yourself of what you know is true! THIS is HOW you cultivate a convictional awareness of God's presence. What does this look like? Well, figure it out! To be honest I don't really care what you do... I just care THAT you do it.
All I care about is whether your path is blocked or foggy or clear, whether in places of fun or frustration or fear,
whether you go far away or stay very near,
when it comes to this truth, all I care about is that you never forget, that all that God is,
God is, here."

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